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April 2022: New Sales Collateral Completed

HealthPoint Plus is pleased to have just completed a 2022 revision of all of our collateral and other creative sales material. Check it out here in our April 2022 update... Read More »



Press Releases

Health Advocate™ Solutions

Healthcare is complicated. Health Advocate™ is here to help. Plus, it’s included in your HealthPoint Plus subscription! Health Advocate™ is designed to take the stress out of healthcare decisions. They can help you sort through bills and insurance claims, find a specialist, arrange second opinions, and more. Save more money and simplify your healthcare. Health …

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Report: The Shift to Telemedicine has Begun

The shift to telemedicine has begun.   In this year’s annual report from Accenture, it’s clear that medical care is finally going digital. It used to be that if you needed a doctor’s consultation for anything, you would wait days or weeks. Nowadays, consumers demand more convenient and better quality care. That’s why you’re subscribed with …

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Mononucleosis (“Mono”) – Signs, symptoms, & prevention

With school back in session, it’s a good time to remember the signs, symptoms, and dangers of mononucleosis, or “mono” for short. It is most common in children and young adults, and is known to spread around schools. The article below outlines all you need to know. This article was originally published by the Centers …

Mononucleosis (“Mono”) – Signs, symptoms, & prevention Read More »

Flu Season – What you need to know and where to get vaccinated

This article contains content originally posted to Flu season is approaching quickly, and with it is a new vaccine that everyone needs to stay protected. The CDC is recommending getting the vaccine early this year, since flu cases are already popping up across the US. Below is some information on the benefits of the …

Flu Season – What you need to know and where to get vaccinated Read More »

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