Benefits employees will love at an affordable price.

Subscription-based telehealth by HealthPoint Plus saves money — and time — for employers and their employees.


Why subscription-based telehealth?

Subscription-based medicine disrupts conventional healthcare because it seriously simplifies how Americans pay for healthcare - essentially by taking the insurance companies out of the equation.

With the current model, each pay-per-visit to a doctor, urgent care, or ER contributes to higher premiums; not to mention ever increasing out-of-pocket expenses.

In contrast, with subscription-based medicine, you pay a low fixed monthly fee for primary medical care.

  • No deductibles
  • No co-pays
  • No reimbursement hassles
  • No premium increases

In contrast, telehealth embedded with health plans is ineffective.

While 80% or more employers offer telemedicine through their insurance plans, most are ineffective – employee uptake hovers around a dismal 5%. Most employees are unaware of the benefit due to poor or non-existent engagement best practices.

The biggest barrier? Bundled telehealth often carries a $50 or more per-visit fee. Whether the employee is charged a visit fee or not, each successful visit still adds a full-visit fee to employers’ claims cost that drives up premiums.

A-la-carte unlimited-use telehealth, with no co-pays, hidden fees, or rising premiums.


Urgent Care

Our core telehealth service combining a 24/7/365 triage center and network of always-available doctors. Diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions & refills when medically necessary, all with $0 consult fees and no hidden costs. 


Virtual Counseling

Mental health and well-being support by professional counselors available by phone or video 24/7/365.  Get supportive counseling across multiple sessions, as well as access to free legal, financial, and other advice and assistance.


Virtual Primary Care

A primary care experience for chronic and ongoing care, no insurance required. Select a primary care provider and receive ongoing treatment and regular checkups as well as annual labs to keep your health on track.


Pet Telehealth

Powered by GoLexi, get 24/7/365 unlimited access to a dedicated team of licensed veterinarians. Realtime phone or video consultations from any device. Save on prescription medications when needed with an included pet drug savings card. 

Offer urgent care or combine with any of the above benefits for a rich suite of benefits that's both affordable and robust.

Employees love it too.
Improve satisfaction and retention with rich benefits that save you and your employees money.

Saves money

HealthPoint Plus lowers employees' out-of-pocket costs, especially for those with high deductibles. With zero deductibles, copays, or coinsurance to use our services, employees save by using our services first for the many situations that can be resolved without causing an insurance-related urgent care or ER visit.

Unparalleled convenience

HealthPoint Plus services offer the convenience of 24x7x365 care from the comfort and privacy of their home or office - even in the middle of the night. No need to use sick or vacation time to go to the doctor for the many ailments that can be handled via telehealth, resulting in happier employees and a more productive workplace.

See a demo or request a quote today. 

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