HealthPoint Plus and SOS Travel Jointly Launch Dr. Travel in Canada

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Canada represents the first country in our global deployment providing telehealth to travelers throughout the world

Danvers, Massachusetts Mar 25, 2021 (  – HealthPoint Plus in partnership with (SOS.MI) has just launched Dr.Travel in Canada.  Our launch in Canada represents the first country in our global deployment with providing telehealth to travelers throughout the world. operates in over 52 airports worldwide with 180 Point of Sale stores and kiosks for travel-related services. The HealthPoint Plus telehealth platform will be integrated with these services which are sold to nearly 1 million travelers every year. The Dr.Travel service will be expanding to France, the United States and Italy within 90 days and to additional countries by the end of 2021.

HealthPoint Plus and (SOS.MI) have recently created Dr. Travel, a dedicated service addressing the specific needs of travelers worldwide. As of March 21, 2021, Dr.Travel is available for purchase at the Montreal Airport in Canada. In the execution of the first phase of the global deployment plan, Dr.Travel is expected to expand to airports in France, Italy and the United States within 90 days. currently distributes travel related services in more than 180 Points of Sale, located in 52 airports worldwide, through its sister company, Trawell Co S.p.A. (TWL.MI). Together, HealthPoint Plus and aim to make Dr.Travel available at most of the Points of Sale within the distribution network by the end of 2021.

“We’re proud to be partners with HealthPoint Plus. Not only for its advanced technology but also for its capability to create an extensive network of physicians that allows us to address the various specific needs of travelers. Our goal is to create the world’s leading telehealth travel service, and we look forward to making Dr.Travel available to millions of travelers as soon as possible.” ~ Rudolph Gentile, CEO, and Trawell Co S.p.A.

Robert Goddard, CEO of HealthPoint Plus, added, “Our partnership with represents a leap forward in the global distribution of our services,” Goddard went on to say, “Canada is only the first of our collective multi-country launch of travel telehealth services.  In addition, we will extend our partnership with, leveraging their international reach, to include upcoming global health and emergency services.”

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