HealthPoint Plus and Trūman Rx establish strategic partnership

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New partnership will increase access to telehealth testosterone replacement therapy for men across United States

National telehealth provider HealthPoint Plus, an innovative leader in subscription-based telehealth, formed a strategic partnership with the disruptive telehealth testosterone replacement therapy startup Trūman Rx (Trūman). The companies plan to increase access to testosterone replacement therapy for men across the United States.

A growing number of men in the United States experience low testosterone, with testosterone levels beginning to decline as early as age 30, and the United States market for testosterone replacement therapy has been projected to reach $3.8 billion by 2022. The traditional model for therapy requires weekly visits to brick-and-mortar clinics but telehealth now provides a more convenient, safe, and affordable way for men to access care. The partnership expands the reach of Trūman while increasing the services available through HealthPoint Plus.

Trūman founder and CEO, David Hall, said of the partnership, “This is a big win for both companies and men who are needlessly suffering the consequences of low testosterone. Our partnership with HealthPoint Plus allows us to expand our reach across the U.S. and enables us to continue honing our focus on creating a better experience for men who want access to high-quality testosterone therapy.”

With COVID-19 reshaping how healthcare is provided, HealthPoint Plus CEO Bob Goddard sees it as imperative to increase the services that are available. “We know that telehealth provides a more convenient and, in many senses, safer way to access healthcare. As consumer demand grows during the pandemic, we want to make sure we’re offering more of the services our customers need. Men’s health is of particular importance to us because oftentimes men don’t want go to the doctor in person. This new partnership enables us to safely serve men who are suffering from low testosterone,” said Goddard.

The companies will begin offering telehealth testosterone replacement therapy in Colorado and New Mexico and have plans to rapidly expand nationwide in 2021.

About HealthPoint Plus

HealthPoint Plus, Inc. is disrupting how millions of Americans access medical care with subscription-based medicine. Visit

HealthPoint Plus’ subscription-based Telehealth and Teletherapy, with no additional out-of-pocket expenses, is a “No More Business as Usual” approach that delinks health insurance from the delivery of their Telehealth and Teletherapy solutions. It democratizes access to healthcare with low-cost Telehealth solutions that empower anyone to video chat with world-class doctors 24x7x365 to instantly get help from the safety, convenience, and privacy of their home or office for less than 50 cents a day.

About Trūman Rx

Trūman is a subscription-based telehealth service that helps men access testosterone replacement therapy from the comfort of their homes. Trūman coordinates care between a national network of providers and preferred pharmacies. The Trūman model is designed to be a better experience than brick-and-mortar clinics by providing therapy via videoconference and direct-to-consumer shipping. Visit for more information.

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