HealthPoint Plus releases its StepUp HomeLab diagnostic kit to its members

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DANVERS, Mass., April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — HealthPoint Plus, a leading telehealth provider today announced the production release of its StepUp™ HomeLab.  The StepUp HomeLab takes telehealth to the next level by enabling its members to perform medical diagnostic testing, typically available only in a doctor’s office, from the convenience of their home or even while traveling. 

HealthPoint Plus currently provides access to virtual primary care, urgent care and mental health teletherapy through an easy-to-use mobile app. HealthPoint Plus doctors treat a wide range of chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease and a range of illnesses and injuries, including management of cold, flu, skin infections, gastrointestinal issues, cuts, abrasions, bug bites and more. According to a new study from the Annals of Internal Medicine, the majority of visits conducted via telemedicine are now considered an appropriate, if not preferred, method and replacement for in-person care.  Why be exposed to germs or bring them in?

The StepUp HomeLab further advances the existing HealthPoint Plus service by allowing members to perform clinical testing from the comfort of their home.  It includes a number of simple-to-use devices including a digital stethoscope, pulse oxygen monitor, sphygmomanometer (blood pressure), EKG, fetal doppler and urinalysis device. Results from the devices are available to patients and their doctor in real-time during a telehealth visit or referenced by members at any time for routine monitoring of health conditions outside of a visit.

“We’re excited to announce the release of our HomeLab solution. While COVID-19 remains with us, it’s important for us to enable as many people as possible to seek care from the safety of their home with more robust capabilities than ever before,” stated CEO Bob Goddard. “We now can offer members delivery of the HomeLab, enabling them to provide key diagnostics to our network of doctors minutes prior to the telehealth visit. Once the pandemic has passed, it’s vital we continue to develop solutions for people who find it difficult to travel or those in rural areas out of reach for regular care to provide doctors with these key diagnostic data points.” 

StepUp HomeLab devices pair with the existing HealthPoint Plus telehealth app to merge clinical diagnostics with on-demand medical care, providing a more holistic view of the patient than has traditionally been available. Patients can track historical results in their HealthPoint Plus health records to ensure that they’re trending in the right direction and if not, seek care via telehealth.

One of the advantages of the StepUp™ HomeLab is the ability to integrate any mix of proprietary devices with 3rd-party devices that seamlessly feed into the app, giving HealthPoint Plus the ability to create a blend of devices to suit any customer’s unique needs.

About HealthPoint Plus

HealthPoint Plus, Inc. is disrupting how 330+ million Americans access medical care with subscription-based medicine. Telehealth empowers anyone to connect with world-class doctors 24x7x365 to instantly get help from the convenience of their home or office for less than 50 cents a day with no copays, coinsurance or deductibles and no need to coordinate with insurance. HealthPoint Plus services address a range of medical conditions including respiratory issues like COVID-19, flu, eye infections, rashes and more as well as a range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. HealthPoint Plus is the creator of the StepUp™ brand of wearables including the StepUp™ Smartwatch and HomeLab.

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